Saturday, November 3, 2007


My husband had minor surgery yesterday afternoon... It was one of those procedures that guys go through (usually on a Friday afternoon) and it usually produces some "minor" discomfort for the next few days. BTW - I have complete approval from him to blog about this - I would never blog "about this" without his permission. Okay, so I just had to blog about the comments from our girls - they have been hilarious!!!

"Hey Dad, are your privates feeling better?"

"Hey peas and pee pee both start with the letter P."

"What color is your boo boo?"

"Hey Dad, Mom bought peas today to make soup, not for your privates Dad!"

"Why did you have surgery Dad?"

I was out with the girls this morning and we ran into someone we knew and she was wondering if we were going to the state soccer game. I said no, that Jim wasn't feeling well (which is true - he has a very bad cold), to which Olivia said, "he had surgery yesterday!"

One other funny comment, it was recommended to buy an athletic support strap for after this procedure. Interestingly enough - Target doesn't sell these (only child size - go figure). So we went to the local athletic super store and Jim was looking around for this strap and a young sales guy approaches him, "Can I help you?" Jim responded, "yes". The sales clerk wanted to know what athletic event Jim was planning to participate in. When Jim explained the situation the clerk responded, "oh, well, if you have any questions all be over there."

Hope you enjoyed some of the comments!! Just so you know - Jim is doing very well!!! Ice on, ice off!


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Now you can join the rest of us in answering people who ask if we are going to have more kids, no, that ship has sailed. Er rather, been snipped! :)