Friday, September 28, 2007

What's For Dinner?

With fall here and cooloer temperature, I got my crockpot out. I just love having dinner already and having the house smell so good throughout the day. Yesterday I made a soup and it was really yummy. I just used cubed potatoes, chopped onion, cooked chicken breast, chicken stock, corn, salt & pepper, crumbled bacon, half & half and cheddar cheese. I added the half & half and cheese during the last 45 minutes. Please share your favorite crockpot recipes!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Go BLUE (And White!)

This past weekend we celebrated my husband's birthday and it just so happened it was the day of the Penn State / Michigan football game. A friend of ours is a huge Michigan fan and she usually gets tickets for a number of the home games. So, she asked us if we would be interested in going along (since she knows I like Penn State). Of course we said YES!! I thought what a great birthday present for Jim!! However, I was hoping for a Penn State win. You see for the last nine seasons that we have been dating or married - Michigan always wins. I don't know if it was our coming together that has brought Penn State to lose? I know that I have always liked Michigan football (at least 364 days a year), so I wasn't to upset when I met and married a Michigan fan. We did have a great time tailgating, hanging out with friends and watching the game. I'm already looking forward to the next game we get to go see.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

PMS Cookies

I came across this recipe for chocolate cookies the other day while I was getting my daily dose of blog reading. It was found from the cherry hill cottage blog After looking at the recipe for a couple of days I decided to give it a try. Well, my cookies baked for a long time, much longer than the recipe called for, and they were still very soft. Most of them fell apart while I was trying to get them to the cooling rack. I decided to call them PMS cookies, because of the rich chocolate and the fact that I had to break 8 large pieces of chocolate into small pieces. I used a meat mallot for this. This alone scared my husband. The combination of the mallot and rich chocolate is how I came up with the name. So "next month" give them a try.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Happy 40th

I just wanted to wish my parents a Happy 40th Anniversary!!!! Yes, I know I forgot my daughter's birthday (and mine for that matter) and the first day of school. But, I am wishing my parents a happy 40 th (a day early). Jim and I are so blessed to have both sets of our parents celebrate this 40th year milestone this year!! What a heritage and a lesson for us. Here are my parents, with the grandchildren, during our vacation in Tennessee.