Sunday, September 16, 2007

PMS Cookies

I came across this recipe for chocolate cookies the other day while I was getting my daily dose of blog reading. It was found from the cherry hill cottage blog After looking at the recipe for a couple of days I decided to give it a try. Well, my cookies baked for a long time, much longer than the recipe called for, and they were still very soft. Most of them fell apart while I was trying to get them to the cooling rack. I decided to call them PMS cookies, because of the rich chocolate and the fact that I had to break 8 large pieces of chocolate into small pieces. I used a meat mallot for this. This alone scared my husband. The combination of the mallot and rich chocolate is how I came up with the name. So "next month" give them a try.


JB said...

I think another reason the PMS name fits is in how the cookies fell apart. Of course, I have never seen my wife ever do this.

Laurie said...

I will remember these next month :)