Friday, February 29, 2008

Pottery Barn Taste

Pottery Barn

I would describe myself as having a Pottery Barn Taste with a Target budget. I enjoy looking at the newest addition of the PB catalog when it arrives and then I try and find an economical way to duplicate the image.

For the past six months (or more) I have been thinking about purchasing new living room furniture. We have a fairly large living room and part of my problem is the seating options and room arrangement. Frequently we have a number of people at our home when we host our small group Bible study, other monthly meetings and just getting together with friends. So, there are a number of times when we need more seating. Also, we really want to have "comfy" furniture that can be lived it.

Our current couch and love seat have been around almost nine years. They look great and fit some of our criteria, but the comfort level is going down. Not a lot of cushion left for the back side!

The color that I seem drawn to is red! I have a lot of red accents and I'm thinking about a red couch. Here are some fabric samples that I picked up at a local furniture store. I'm still not positive that red is the way to go. We might end up with a denim blue similar to what we already have. Of course, I'm still trying to keep it in line with my target budget.

If anyone has any advice on what furniture layouts work for them I would love to hear it! Two couches? One couch and two or three chairs? By the way, we do have a focal point (fireplace) and a tv off to the side of the fireplace. Thanks for your input.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


I just wanted to point out to everyone that I have now listed some of my favorite blogs that I enjoy reading. One category lists my friends and the other one is those that I admire. Please feel free to check them out - you might possibly find something of interest. I especially would like to point out the blog titled Blissfully Domesticated! It is a new group blog that has some very insightful information from cooking, cleaning, raising kids and decorating. Most of us can take some valuable information from this site.

Please feel free to comment on some of your favorite blogs.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This entry has been a long time in the making. So many times I say to myself, "I need to blog about this grocery shopping experience." Most of the time I'm saying this because it has been hectic, memorable and brought me close to tears. Last week's shopping trip was no exception.

You see I spend a lot of time thinking, planning, preparing, teaching and shopping for food. I completely enjoy food. Yet, it is the shopping part that I just haven't mastered. I make my grocery list, check the sale's fliers, look for coupons and then I head to the store. Oh the store..... this means I likely head to Meijers (our mid-West Super Wal-Mart!)Meijers carries a large number of food items at a fairly reasonable price, but that is where my excitement for Meijers starts to fade away. It does not help that I usually make a "quick stop" to Meijers after I pick up my girls from school. Let's just say 12:30 PM with two hungry and tired chickas, does not help my love for this store.

Well, last week I arrived with my girls and I ask that all important question - "Does anyone have to go potty?" The response - "nope". Off we go, we are halfway finished with our shopping when my youngest announces, "I have to go potty!". So I race to the front of the store, leave my cart (full of groceries) at the bottom of the steps and truck up the stairs, in time to notice the sign on the door that reads bathroom closed. Then, it is back down the stairs to find the next restroom, at the back of the store. All this to find out that my "sweet and manipulative" 3 1/2 year old didn't really need to go. At this point I'm trying not to cry because we now have three hungry and tired girls! We finish up our shopping and head to the check out. This is when I notice the woman with the clipboard. I feel sorry for this woman, because she needs to deal with women like me (who are hungry, tired and dealing with little kids). This woman's job is to approach people for a Meijer card. She always starts out by saying, "have I talked with you before?" Now, I just hide when I see her coming, because I know if she asks me that question again, I'm more than likely to get a little smart with her (especially with the hunger and tiredness) and say something like, "don't you remember?"

There it is - my Meijers story! All this to say I wish we had some different grocery stores to choose from. I would take a Trader Joe's and Wegmans any day. However, I realize it likely won't impact having tired and hungry chickas who have to try out the bathrooms from time to time.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Book Club

This post is dedicated to all my friends from book club. Which after much discussion, I think should be titled "Blog Club". You see this group of ladies has been instrumental in encouraging me in the blog world i.e. to blog more! One of these days I hope to have a link to all the blogs that I visit (of friends) and then to all the blogs that I "stalk" - if that is an okay term to use?! So keep posted. Or, if all my friends comment, then you will just be able to follow the link from the comment page. Hopefully tomorrow I will be back to having some insightful, deep meaning, cute photo, awe inspiring blogs!! Stay tuned! That is all for tonight!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Girl's Night Out (Or In)!

Last Saturday night was the annual Father Daughter Dance at church, and this year both my girls got to go! What a fun evening for them to get dressed up and go on a date with Daddy. This meant I had the evening to myself - so what is a Mommy to do? I picked up a chick flick from the video store, ordered some Chinese food and headed home to view my movie. Once PJ's were sported, plate of food ready, I headed downstairs to watch the movie. What a great evening of relaxing and being at home by myself.

Of course, I was excited for the girls to get home (especially since the weather was miserable), and hear all about the evening. One girl (the oldest) was so tired and wanted to go straight to bed, while the youngest talked on and on. My husband did tell me that the evening ended with Steven Curtis Chapman's new song about "Dancing with Cinderella". I just heard the song for the first time last week and let's just say it can bring a tear to your eye.

Here is the pre-date picture.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rubbing Off

All of my organizing and decluttering must be rubbing off on my children! Especially my youngest. Yesterday and today she has felt the need to organize our kitchen pantry. I thought it was in pretty good shape to begin with, but not Olivia. She said, "Mom, the peanut butter needs to be by the crackers and our candy stash needs to be in easy reach." Will see what she starts to organize next - I'm hoping for her bedroom closet!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Tomorrow is my one year anniversary of blogging! Hopefully I will have more posts this year. So please stay tuned! I started blogging during the 2007 Superbowl (that is why the picture is posted). The other reason is because I love to watch football! Today is such a bitter sweet day - the superbowl, but then it also marks the end of the season and we need to wait another six plus months for it to start up again. My appology to those of you who wanted some deep and meaningful insight on my one year anniversary of blogging - you will just have to wait!