Friday, February 29, 2008

Pottery Barn Taste

Pottery Barn

I would describe myself as having a Pottery Barn Taste with a Target budget. I enjoy looking at the newest addition of the PB catalog when it arrives and then I try and find an economical way to duplicate the image.

For the past six months (or more) I have been thinking about purchasing new living room furniture. We have a fairly large living room and part of my problem is the seating options and room arrangement. Frequently we have a number of people at our home when we host our small group Bible study, other monthly meetings and just getting together with friends. So, there are a number of times when we need more seating. Also, we really want to have "comfy" furniture that can be lived it.

Our current couch and love seat have been around almost nine years. They look great and fit some of our criteria, but the comfort level is going down. Not a lot of cushion left for the back side!

The color that I seem drawn to is red! I have a lot of red accents and I'm thinking about a red couch. Here are some fabric samples that I picked up at a local furniture store. I'm still not positive that red is the way to go. We might end up with a denim blue similar to what we already have. Of course, I'm still trying to keep it in line with my target budget.

If anyone has any advice on what furniture layouts work for them I would love to hear it! Two couches? One couch and two or three chairs? By the way, we do have a focal point (fireplace) and a tv off to the side of the fireplace. Thanks for your input.


Kelley said...

We have a couch, a loveseat, and a chair with an ottoman. Works for us! (Though we don't host many large gatherings)

Laurie said...

Alright, according to real interior designers, the way to go is one couch with two chairs.

Like all the red samples and I love arranging furniture ... maybe I should road trip it over to Hudsonville? :)

Bradi said...

My only input is to definitely(!!) go with a red couch. I will live vicariously through you as I have ALWAYS wanted one, but could just not find the right one for our house. I have a chocolate brown (boring...) one coming this Friday.
Go Red Go Red! =)