Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Break

Summer break is officially here! Which means I am back to my full time job of being a wife and a Mom. My first year back to teaching, after eight years, brought both tears and satisfaction. I felt like I had my rookie year all over again and this time I had a husband and girls that I also needed to balance, along with my teaching schedule. I realize that I am blessed to have this part-time teaching position that seems to work around my schedule with young children.

My husband and I did have a mini get-away last weekend, an overnight in Detroit, minus the girls. We spent some quality time shopping and going to a Tigers game. Note we were able to go up to the counter and purchase tickets 1/2 an hour before the game, since they aren't playing that great this year.

So, now we are into the swing of things and I have my summer-to-do list all ready to go.I am wired to get things done and it is frustrating / stressful for me when things are hanging over me. So, I am one who likes to cross things off the list and feel that sense of accomplishment. Hopefully the more I get accomplished this summer, the easier fall will be when school starts again. I'm also trying to balance out the list with some fun things!

This far I have accomplished these things on my list:
1. Organized the girls clothes.
2. Switched health care providers.
3. Updated Insurance policy.
4. Organized M.Bedroom closet
5. Delivered clothes / household items to be donated.

Still to do list:
1. Finish sewing project for a client.
2. Organize photos.
3. Figure out preschool / daycare for my youngest daughter.
4. Exercise (okay - lose weight)!
5. Organize my sewing room.
6. Paint picture frame.
7. Paint girls play cradle.
8. Read.
9. Work on a meal plan project.
10. Knit & Sew!
11. Scrapbook!

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Laurie said...

It was fun to see you at book club again. Your to do list is ambitious - don't forget to add; read some good books & get a tan. (Those are my top two goals for the summer - I know ... I know ... very lofty goals!) :)

By the way, your living room looks great.