Sunday, April 22, 2007

Halfway to 100

A while back I started 100 things about me - which turned into 50 things about me, so I have been inspired to try and reach my 100 things. Here we go:

51. I have been in 44 states
52. My theme song is, "You Drive Me Crazy"
53. I sing this song to my girls
54. I can't sing
55. When I sing #52 my girls tell me to be quiet
56. I have a high bed
57. I use a step stool to get into bed
58. I prefer red wine
59. I prefer sweets over salts
60. My dream car right now would be a Honda CRV
61. I watched the first five seasons of 24 in four months
62. I reached my lifetime goal with weight watchers
63. I'm currently above my goal weight
64. I need to start counting points again
65. I played field hockey in high school
66. I also was a cheerleader
67. I have eaten cake for breakfast
68. I have done this more than once
69. I took guitar lessons for one year
70. I like road trips with my family
71. I don't like the feeling of my stomach jumping out when I am on a roller coaster
72. I like my steak prepared medium
73. Salad dressing served on the side is a good thing
74. I enjoy the taste of real butter
75. Especially on warm homemade bread
76. I like food - can you tell - see # 63
77. I prefer to exercise in the morning
78. I was involved in 4-H while growing up
79. I like cottage, vintage and modern country decorating
80. I like organizational books
81. I would like to be more organized
82. I am the shortest of all my female cousins
83. I do not like avocados
84. I do not like guacamole
85. # 83 & # 84 do not like me
86. I watched Zoolander while in labor with my first child
87. I do not like this movie
88. My girls have seen more Disney movies than me
89. However,I do like Beauty & the Beast
90. I think Trader Joe's is a great grocery store
91. I wish they would put one in our area
92. Little Caesars $5 pizza's make a great meal when I am in a pinch
93. I don't like mice
94. I learned to set a mouse trap when I was 22
95. Did I mention my first apartment had mice?
96. I play Settlers of Catan almost every Sunday night
97. My Myers Briggs personality rating is an EXFJ
98. I spent a summer in Prague
99. I have been in six different countries
100. I spend too much time reading blogs


Jenny said...

I believe cake is a breakfast food.

Laurie said...

So sad about guacomole ... such a lovely extra to a mexican meal.

Counting points is so much fun.

Sounds like you have traveled a lot.

Mom said...

Mom says, I can remember a family road trip that Kim didn't really enjoy! Did I mention she was starting those teen years at the time? Kim forgot to tell you she learned to set the mouse trap with instructions over the "phone" from her Dad. What is the "Myers Briggs" personality score? Kim has done great with Weight Watchers!