Monday, April 21, 2008

Part One

Here is the first part of my three part series on what I want to write about.

I wanted to do a re-cap of our Spring Break trip. First of all I wanted to report that our trip was not spent at one of those warm locations where you can feel the sand under your toes. Hopefully that will be next year - thanks to the government's spending incentive money!!

Our first real location was visiting dear friends of ours in Richmond, Virginia. Well it was a little warmer there compared to Michigan. We just had a lot of fun hanging out, going to the "Bizarre Bizarre" and sending the guys out with the kids for a swim at the local YMCA. Here is a picture of Taylor - he is now 6'2" and still growing. It wasn't that long ago that he was the ring bearer for our wedding. Now look at him! Did I mention I use to change his diapers?

The next stop on our vacation was visiting my sister and her family in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The kids had a great time with their cousins and thanks to my sister they enjoyed an afternoon tea party!

The end of our trip was visiting my parents in Bloomsburg, a small college town in Pennsylvania. My parents have some "additional property" (80 acres on a beautiful mountain setting) that is just breath taking. They have a small cabin there and we just like to go and hang out there, flying kites, roasting marsh mellows, and checking out the hunting stands. The girls are with their Poppie - looking out for deer and other animals.

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