Saturday, December 15, 2007


There are many times that I think I should just have a food blog! Many of my posts deal with food (or should I say goodies) and I have found myself reading blogs about food! Is this an obsession or what?! Some of my favorite blogs include: 4 Reluctant Entertainers, The Simple Wife, My Messy Thrilling Life and The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Check them out sometime.

I mentioned that I was making fudge in the last post for my Cookie Exchange. It turned out great and we had a nice group of women, for the gathering. In addition, I have a variety of eight dozen cookies - need to pace myself for the holidays. Do you know the average person gains 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years?

Well, my cookie exchange also inlcuded a brunch, since breakfast food is my favorite and I just love those easy overnight breakfast casseroles. Things were going fairly smoothlythis morning until I turned on my oven. The kitchen started to smell - that really bad smell, that happens when food has boiled over into your oven and you didn't clean it up. Well, I opened up the windows (it was in the 20's outside and snowing), turned on the exhaust and started burning the yummy smelling candles. I got the odor under control and got my casseroles baked. Then, after the cookie exchange, I decided it was time to clean the oven (thanks to self cleaning ovens!!). At this point, I was glad I was the only one in the house - there was so much smoke! This time I opened up the front door in addition to the windows. I don't want to see what our heating bill is going to be next month. Well, I should have a clean oven after this. All this to say, from the advice of my friend, "don't you have the really big oven foil - you should go get some."

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