Tuesday, January 22, 2008


This weekend I was visiting my friend, Jen. She has inspired me to clean up and declutter my home. Actually, I have wanted to do this since last summer and it has been weighing on me to get this done. I need to take the Nike philosophy of "just do it"!

Jen has found a great resource for donating her goods that is very dear to her heart. She said that having a great organization to donate things to makes it easier to get rid of things. With all of her decluttering she has re-arranged her downstairs area where they now have a family "studio" to do scrapbooking, crafts and artwork. What is so cool is they painted the walls Benjamin Moore's color Geranium (shown in the newest Pottery Barn catalog) - so cool and cherry!

One of the latest books that I am reading is, "Designing Your Home on a Budget" and they suggest that you ask yourselves the following questions when picking up an object in your home - Am I drawn to this object? Does it have emotional or sentimental value to me? Do I find it beautiful? Does it add value to my home? Some tough questions to think about.

Well, I am off....working in the kitchen and we will see where I go after that. Feel free to ask me how the decluttering is going!

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