Thursday, January 31, 2008

Report Card

Today is the day that our oldest daughter brought home her first report card. I knew it was coming, we got the announcement in her information paper on Monday. I couldn't wait to read it and see how she is doing, but I must admit, I was also a little nervous. My nervousness came from being a Mom. This report card thing is all new to me. You see,when I was in school I wanted to do well, get "good grades", etc. But nothing prepared me for the feeling of wanting my girls to succeed and do well academically! So much I want to be the Mom that is encouraging, helping my girls to see where they are gifted, but also give them room to "fail" and make mistakes. As a teacher I have come across parents who are overly concerned with grades to the point that their children are consumed with them. I just want to tell them that a "B" is great. So, I need to remind myself that a "satisfactory" check mark in kindergarten is acceptable.

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Jen said...

Yes Kim, "Satisfactory" on the old report card is fine. Sometimes it just means your child figured out a better way to do something and the teacher just hasn't caught on yet!
Your girls are lovely little girls and one day they are going to lovely women!