Saturday, January 5, 2008

Random Saturday

I titled my blog Random Saturday because that is where I am at. The pictures show my Christmas present - the Kitchen Aid Mixer!! I think I have wanted one of these four the last five years. Hopefully, I will use it to create a number of goodies for my family and others. The second picture shows the results of the mixer! I have been wanting to experiment with cinnamon rolls and I have found a few good recipes. Once,I find the best one I will be sure to post the recipe.

The next part of my randomness is that my husband has been taking a graduate class this weekend. Long hours away from home, so I am trying to make the best of it with the girls. Last night was movie night and all three of us were snuggling on the love seat watching 101 Dalmatians - a classic, but new to them. The other favorite activity was playing the game, Pretty Princess. If you have young girls I highly recommend this game. Be sure to take some pictures as you play.

I mentioned my husband taking this graduate class, but what I really need to let you know is that he has his own blog!!! Check it out Don't let the "lions" theme throw you off. He is a great writer and he writes about a lot more than football. He will likely be updating his blog more than I do.

My last random thought is that I got a phone call today from my best friend, Michele. This is nothing unusual, but she was calling from an airplane on the way to Japan. However, her final destination is Singapore! Her entire family is moving to Singapore for at least two years because of her husband's job. This includes three kids - two of which are in elementary school. We were able to go out to diner with them last week and say "good-bye". I will miss her, but I'm thankful for the technology that we have to keep in touch. So, Michele, if you are reading this - START YOUR BLOG!!! Personally, I was just touched that she thought to call me while she was taking off.

That's it for my random thoughts of the day. Need to go give the girls a bath now!


Bradi said...

YUM....What morning can we schedule me to come over and have coffee and some of those cinnamon rolls!!!

Christa said...

The cinnamon rolls look great - glad you finally got your Kitchen Aid mixer.