Monday, May 12, 2008


Yesterday was special. Yes, it had a lot to do with the fact that it was Mother's Day and my girls and husband treated me like a queen, but it was more than was just knowing that I am so blessed and loved.

I know for many people that Mother's Day can be bitter-sweet, especially if they have lost a Mother, or have struggled with infertility, singleness, loss of a child, etc. For me it was a reminder to hug my girls a little tighter and appreciate the blessing that my husband is to me. My sweet husband stood outside in the pouring down rain and grilled chicken for our Mother's Day meal.

The pictures show the flowers that were given to me. The red roses are beautiful, picked out from my girls (because they know red is my favorite color). But, I'm just as excited about the card of flowers that my oldest daughter made me. Nothing melts a Mom's heart more than the sweetness of a child's homemade card.

I hope yesterday was special for you! I hope you felt loved and blessed by others!

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meg duerksen said...

i found you through my stats page.
thanks for the link. :)
that always makes me smile.
you look like you had a lovely mother's day.
it's good to feel loved.
just wanted to say hello...
take care.