Friday, March 28, 2008


Which ONE of these pictures doesn't belong? Can you believe I took all these pictures today? If you guessed the picture with all the snow in the background you are correct! Please tell Mother Nature that we don't need anymore snow!

The other photos are my girls celebrating Spring and modeling some of their new clothes. My youngest was outside in that outfit - I would be freezing but she seemed okay. Just for the record - I didn't allow her outside dressed like that, on this cold day. My oldest daughter had "beach day" at school to celebrate the reading month.

Also, I couldn't help but show off my pampered feet from last evening. If you haven't had a pedicure I highly recommend them. I'm thinking one every three months sounds just about right, especially when you think about all the abuse our feet take.


Laurie said...

cute piggies Kim!

Bradi said...

I agree, go away snow. And jealous of the pigs..mine are in much need of a pedi and won't see one b/4 my trip. =(