Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Tooth

Last week I was looking at my daughter Kelsey and I noticed that her bottom tooth looked like it was overlapping the other one. I said, "Kelsey, open up your mouth." She did and I noticed that her first permanent tooth was up and it was pushing against her baby tooth. So, we officially have our first loose tooth! Kelsey can't wait to loose her first tooth. (I don't think she knows about the pain that might occur when you pull a tooth). I'm more concerned with the fact that there doesn't look like room for her permanent tooth to find a home. Can you say braces? Cha ching cha ching!!

I will be sure to post a picture once the baby tooth is out.

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Sandy said...

Hi - guess what happened to my daughter yesterday? BRACES! She got the colors to match her Easter dress - funny girl.
Check out my post today on BG's!